Attention Traditionally Successful Women Looking to Succeed in Nontraditional Ways!

You are in the right place...

If you dream of living your best life, with ALL of YOU fully expressed.

  • Perhaps you have a "little Picasso" within you, who is eager to come out and play?
  • You'd like to take on a new project that really "lights you up"?
  • You've been meaning to finally write that book?
  • You're ready to start a new business venture, or form that nonprofit you've been dreaming about?
  • You've been wishing that by now you would have invented that gizmo or doohickey that has been rattling around in your imagination for years?

You’re not alone!  It's time to join other magic seekers like you who have tapped into the power of their creativity, so that they can fully express who they truly are. 

I help traditionally successful women succeed in nontraditional ways by tapping into the power of their creativity, so that they break through to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Let me guide you through a process to help you bring forth what the creativity within you, and your soul, desire to express.

Often my clients come to me because they have been struggling with not knowing where to start. Or, they've 'started many times before,' and yet they just can't seem to stay motivated and on track consistently enough to gain the results they desire.

They are hugely successful in many ways, but there's a part of them still yearning to be unleashed, and it just hasn't happened for them on their own! Does this sound like you?  

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What Clients Are Saying:

"Before I started working with Lori, I felt like I was wandering lost in a relentless fog around how to get started on making my dream job a reality.  Then, Lori worked her magic and the fog was lifted.  I am now crystal clear about my path. I have already made great progress, and have the confidence and clarity to make my dreams come true, thanks to Lori’s unique set of skills and her way of peering right into your heart."  – Sara Rowley

"Before working with Lori, my life was stuck in neutral. I had dreams and desires, but after so many starts and stops, I had lost my focus. I contacted Lori knowing that she was an abundantly talented, intelligent and accomplished woman. I sought out her mentorship and was immediately inspired. After even our first session together, I was excited, had a customized plan tailored specifically to me, and was ready to move forward. Throughout the mentorship, Lori's amazing insight, direct questions, and energetic suggestions, combined with her great sense of humor, were just what I needed to continue moving forward, and making more and more positive, deep changes in my life

As a result of working with Lori, I have cleared out the “clutter” in my life both physically and mentally. I am feeling more positive and so very excited about my future. I also have more time to relax and have fun. I realized I was missing these two very important elements in my life and how much they helped me to re-energize and move forward. Friends and family have also noticed the positive changes and the strength I've gained in pursuing my purpose.

Contacting Lori was an incredibly smart move on my part. I am so very grateful for her wisdom, her unique approach to coaching, and mostly for her genuine desire to help others pursue their dreams."  – Maureen Russell

"It is a true pleasure working with Lori.  She has a natural gift for coaching and getting to the heart. Before working with Lori, I was feeling very stuck and unable to accomplish some of the simplest goals. I had no idea what was standing in my way, but Lori gracefully asked the tough questions (a little tough love, if you will!) that really dug deep and helped me to unlock some of my self imposed obstacles. She has a rare ability to put you at ease, make you feel heard, and empowered. Her visualization exercise was so clear, I could finally see myself building the career of my dreams.  I've been able to apply the tools she provided in many aspects of my life."  – 
Christine O. 


"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."

~ Michelangelo






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